• ready to use and comfortable ZFS storage appliance for iSCSI/FC, NFS and SMB
  • Active Directory support with Snaps as Previous Version
  • user friendly Web-GUI that includes all functions for a sophisticated NAS or SAN appliance.
  • commercial use allowed
  • no capacity limit
  • free download for End-User

Community add-ons like AFP, AMP, Baikal, Proftp, Mediatomb, Owncloud, PHPVirtualbox, Pydio or Serviio.

  • increased GUI performance/ background agents
  • support/ updates/ access to bugfixes
  • extensions like comfortable ACL handling, disk and realtime monitoring or remote replication
  • appliance diskmap, security and tuning (Pro complete)
  • Redistribution/Bundling/setup on customers demand optional
please request a quotation.
Details: Featuresheet.pdf


Current releases:

current napp-it free: v.18.12 (free for commercial and noncommercial use)
                                   v.19.12 home edition is free for noncommercial home use without Pro extensions
current napp-it Pro:  20.06   (Pro/Support Edition)
newest napp-it dev: (bloody)

Included Pro features are activated by a Pro key on any version. Versions 20.x require always a Pro key.
A free license allows only updates to the next free edition. Updates (bugfix or new features ex 19.x) between require a pro license.

Napp-it Pro users 
(with a regular Pro key required, no evalkey)
please update to newest  Pro with support for bugfixes.
Some features are only available in a Pro software release, does not matter the key.

Machine id licenses
From v.18 napp-it Pro uses machine id keys that are host independent.
On a barebone setup the id is based on the first physical nic (machine id ends with m90) to allow a re-install.
To swap a license online, goto en.html

On problems:
Check if there is a newer Pro version (newer day).
Reload this edition then

or try the newest dev edition, the development line with newest features. This edition may be unstable

About napp-it  release numbers
The release numbers of napp-it based on year and month followed by a..z for smaller bugfixes
minor updates of Illumos/ OmniOS every few weeks and a major update every few months

The release number consist of year.month with a 
 free release, updated from time to time. Only napp-it Pro can update to newest bugfix releases.

 pro or support release, all professional users are suggested to use the most recent release with newest fixes
 developer or nightly release, ongoing development, unstable

Users with a valid key (no evalkey):
You can update/downgrade between last 5 releases without a reboot
Please update to newest Pro edition in Menu About >> Update



07 Aug

  Smartmontools raw error 197 number not shown in menu Disks > Smart
  Fix a problem with more than 3 minio sessions or multiple replications not started via at now but queued
  Jobs overview allows selection of jobs idle_manual and idle_active

18. Jun
   Solaris 11.4 with subscription and Perl 5.26 is supported

napp-it 20.06a Pro (first release)

15. Jun
   automount enc filesystems on reboot: do not reshare with name=off

27. May
   autosnap: Delzero rechecks used prior any delete to avoid delete of snaps that have changes size during job processing

23. May

   Buld get (improve performance of menu ZFS filesystems, thanks Chris)

13. May
   Create encrypted filesystem with local keysource: fix problem with doubled menu field

06. May
   Pool > Benchmark: Encryption as a testparameter
   Smartmontools: Prefer smartmontools from /opt folder (ex installed from OmniOS extra repository)
   Support for miniDLNA streaming server (OmniOS)

02. May
   fix: Could not select encryption on Filesystem > Create

20. Apr
   work on SMB sharing of nested encrypted filesystems on OmniOS

24b. Mar
   Timemachine support via SMB (Illumos, see Services > Bonjour)
   minio options: clear settings, save keys to a dedicated folder (set in about > settings)

24. Mar
   fix; minio: Allows more than 4 sessions, allow nice
   fix a problem with random messages about a locked /tmp/err.log
   fix a bug with replicate and keep=days

18. Mar
   fix; minIO sharing shows the share disable menu on first creatuon of an S3 share

17. Mar
   minIO (Amazon S3 sharing) as a filesystem property

19. Feb (thanks Chris)
   bugfix with autojobs and every-2|3
   increased timeout for push

17. Feb
  minor bugfix in unlock

napp-it 20.01a3/4 Pro
   fix: Could not select encryption on Filesystem > Create
   fix; SMB sharing of nested encrypted filesystems

napp-it 20.01a2 Pro
  fix a bug with replicate and keep=days

napp-it 20.01a1 Pro (first release)
   OmniOS/ OpenIndiana:
   File/webbased ZFS encryption  with a keyserver + HA option, keysplitting, automount on boot, lock/unlock via SMB
   support for special vdevs (attention: special vdevs need same ashift than pool vdevs!!)
   force ashift during creation of a vdev
   SSD trim
   protection against accidentially adding a basic vdev to a pool
   Smart predictions for possible future problems, more..

napp-it 19.12 noncommercial homeuse
   basic features of napp-it Pro
  not allowed for commercial use or outside homeuse

6.mar 2019 
compile Smartmontools 7.0 (smartmontools 6.6 remains available with installer nappit-smart6.6)

11/12. Dec
  Disks > Smart: Summarize important SMART values for a ok vs problem status
  Menu Pools, Disks and Map: Show Smart status overview

20. Nov
 remote replication: increased timeout to avoid a false asumed failed replication
 resulting in a wrongly destroy of newest replication snap on the source system

11. Nov
 Filesystem lock/unlock: service refresh optional

05 Nov
 problem with Pro key deactivated fixed
 Linux (ProxMox) as replication target 

18. Oct
  Create pool from/ add basic vdev (regular or special) requires extra confirmation
  Set default ashift for pool create or extend to 12 (4k disks)
  Allow/try vdev remove (shrink pool) only when all vdevs in a pool have same ashift


  fix a problem with Cluster failover in a dual control setup,
  special and dedup vdevs, trim as a pool property (manual trim via other job)
  fix a problem with old keys after an update
  Special vdevs: set special small blocksize per ZFS
  Add Pools: add single/basic disk

  fix a problem with random wrongly detected pro keys

08. Aug
  backup job/ user restore problem

01. Aug
  restore user settings / manual failover in a cluster fails when pool/zraid-1 is not mounted

27. Jul
  autosnap: respects delzero setting in all combinations of keep and hold but preserve newest used=o snap
  fix a problem with autojobs and replication on napp-it Pro after an update

17 Jul
  replication: an optional pre and post shellscript ./jobs/id.pre and is processed prior and after a replication
  replication: additional send and receive options ex '-w' to raw send a locked encrypted filesystem
  remove expired keys
  support of ZFS encryption in OmniOS bloody


  initial support for ZFS encryption based on key prompt (newest OI after a pkg update)
  in menu "ZFS Filesystems"

  local replication: ignore upper/lowercase hostname
  scrub job: do not log an error when a pool is not mounted

napp-it 19.06 Pro

  Fix a bug with Pool > add


  fix a problem with random wrongly detected pro keys

  backup job/ user restore problem


  fix a problem with autojobs and replication on napp-it Pro after an update

  auto-remove expired keys
  option to downgrade to napp-it free or renew

13. Jun
  Support for OmniOS bloody 151031
  new menu Disks > NVMe (Illumos only)

  Disk listing: show NVMe disks with Product name and blkdev
  Avoid removed state on some configs

  Solaris: Show abe and guest property in ZFS filesystems,

 debug mode for scrub job disabled (pool not mounted)

 Select multiple jobs to modify state or properties

Pool import of PoE files working
Appliance Group accelerator

  DE menu set shows korrect umlauts

28.may 2016
  Cluster supports HA iSCSI failover (beside NFS and SMB)
  Cluster agent: sync/restore user and Comstar to/from HA pool zraid-1
  Comstar save/ restore all settings without reboot (Cluster aware)
  Cluster control functionality can be activated on a backup server
  Appliance group add: allows to add a Cluster (allows replication from a HA ip)
  Solaris 11.4: beadm destroy -s problem fixed
  napp-it switched to utf-8 char sets in Browser

napp-it 19.01 Pro

  auto-remove expired keys

21.mar. 2019
  supports OmniOS >=151029, Fix Solaris problem with menu snaps

  Jobs > Backup. check if pool for backup is mounted (cluster save)
  User > Restore: deselect key for restore
  Solaris 11.4: Job > Replicate works with current BE as source
  Solaris 11.4: Skip rpool/VARSHARE in ZFS overview

  Solaris 11.4: Comstar > Target > Edit
Comstar: Chap authentication ex for Windows. Menu Comstar > Targets allows to enter initiators for chap authentication
  Solaris 11.4: list snapshots gives an error about not supported property clone

  Linux: Build appliance groups and start replications on Linux
  Disk Location: support newer HBAs
  Disk Map: Edit maps manually
  Solaris: select or disable sas3ircu

napp-it 19.01 (pro)
19.01d Encrypted pools on files supports current OmniOS
19.01c1 supports OmniOS >=151029, Fix Solaris problem with menu snaps
19.01c menu Comstar > Target > Initiator
19.01b menu ZFS filesystems shows properties after a modify immediatly
19.01a avoid an auto-mount of HA pools zraid-n

napp-it 19.10 home
 Replication (target) now works on Proxmox6
 ZFS create problem on Linux fixed
 supports encryption, trim and special vdev

napp-it 18.12 free

18.12w3 fix a problem with random wrongly detected pro keys
18.12w2 get smartvalues in menu Disk > Smartinfo > get smartvalues
            and show result for one hour as a table in menu Disk > Smartinfo
18.12w  fix a problem with autojobs and replication
18.12v auto-remove expired Pro keys
18.12u fixes a bug in the IB SRP menu
18.12t Support for OmniOS 151031+
18.12s Encrypted pools on files supports current OmniOS
18.12r supports OmniOS >=151029, Fix Solaris problem with menu snaps
18.12q2 menu Comstar > Target > Initiator
18.12q1 avoid an auto-mount of HA pools zraid-n

  final, new features and bugfixes beside critical ones go to 19.01

  Disk Location/ Disk map shows wrong controller numbers with LSI 12G HBAs.
  This happens when the default LSI tool for 12G HBAs sas3ircu crashes on some newer systems
  The fix is to select another or disable sas3ircu (and sas2ircu for 6G HBAs) in menu Disk > Location.

  About > Update allows to activate last version (prior last update)
  Care about an error message about a failed chown command after login

  zraid-1/backup_appliance is created during Pool > Import (in case you import a current pool as zraid-1)

  jobs: every [month,day,hour,min]/n1;n2 ex every/2;3 means every but 2 or 3 in month, day, hour or min

  Cluster:auto failover

  Cluster: manual failover only
  cluster acceleration
  fix a javascript problem (Firefox only)

smart acceleration
acceleration works for 30 min after opening a menu

  sas acceleration (Disk > Location)

  Fix with gateway settings on OmniOS 151028
  Cluster: service enabled with auto=manual allows user sync with manual failover

  Comstar > Initiator > manual detection
  Menu Pool > Expand (add vdev): Can only add same vdev type, option to allow all vdevs
  Support partitions (disk add, remove, replace) even when partition support is not enabled

  Cluster: active mode with auto failover after a head outage

  Cluster: active mode with auto user failover
  Cluster: works with iSCSI Luns (network z-raid)

  Solaris 1.14 network settings, netmask and gateway problen
  Disks > Disk Location > Pools with slotinfo (advanced zpool status)
  Cluster: active/active auto mode working

  Menü Service > SSH with defaults for Open-SSH in OmniOS 151028
  (SSH may not work on 151o28 after an update from earlier versions with Sun SSH)

18.12g (Nov 17)
  napp-it Pro requires machine ID keys, swap key at en.html
  Z-Raid Apliance-Cluster, beta 2
  manual failover of HA Cluster for NFS and SMB with local users or AD working

  Snap mass-delete: delete empty snaps only

18.12dev e/f (Nov)
   Beta1 of Z-Raid vCluster (manual Failover working),
   Problem with replication and keep hour (on november only)

18.12d (Nov 5,2018)
  Show correct pool in a Push alert (thanks Chris)
  Z-Raid v.2 (virtual Cluster in a Box on ESXi), work in progress

18.12b (Oct 11, 2018)
18.12c (Okt 23,2018)
This is a community enhancement from Chris Fraire:
To honor this, PoeF management will be a function of napp-it Free

    Secure PoeF folder as 0755 and pool(info|options).txt as 0644.
    Allow setting up and using a napp-it PKCS keystore for PoeF keys, with backward compatibility for PoeFs that use pool-specific keys.
    Add form to enable changing the PW of the napp-it PKCS keystore.
    Add form to enable extending a PKCS-keystore PoeF with additional vdevs.
    When creating or extending a PoeF and using 2GB files, limit vdev size so that larger pools will be composed, if necessary, of multiple vdevs. This increases redundancy at the cost of space. Previously, the redundancy would be only two 2GB files regardless of pool size. Now for large pools it will be (effectively) two 2GB files of parity for every ten 2GB files of data.
    Update en documentation of pools_encrypt*.txt

    Continue to default to AES-256 but allow choosing AES-128 for speed.
    Offer 12GB and 40GB pools, which size evenly with raidz2-2GB compared to 10GB and 50GB.
    Allocate all files before any lofiadm-add. If allocation or lofiadm-add fails, then remove entire, new $pool directory.
    Explicitly Expect /dev/lofi/xxx names from lofiadm output.
    Use MB for 10% sizing now that 12GB is an option (because "1.2G" is not allowed as an argument).
    Extract to share logic among scripts.
    Move vdev-sizing into poeflib function, poef_calc_vdevs.
    Add pkcslib.

napp-it 18.09 (Pro)

Sep 14
   Feature: napp-it menus for snapshot hold, hold with defer_destroy and snapshot release

Sep 11
  OmniOS 151027+ supported

Aug 09
  AiO on ESXi 6.7, smartmontools crashes when processing ESXi vdisks,we skip them now

Jun 18
  Solaris 11.4: menu Services > SMM:: allows enabling SMB1 client and/or SMB2 client

Jun 11
  Job timetable allows every/n1;n2 (every but) in min, hour, day
  autosnap: problem with delzero fixed

napp-it 18.06 (Pro)

Nov 21
  Menü Service > SSH with defaults for Open-SSH in OmniOS 151028
  (SSH may not work on 151o28 after an update from earlier versions with Sun SSH)

Nov 09
  Problem with replication and keep hour (on november only)
  OmniOS 151028 supported (permission problem fixed, update napp-it prior an OmniOS update)

Sep 11
  OmniOS 151027+ supported

Aug 09
  AiO on ESXi 6.7, smartmontools crashes when processing ESXi vdisks,we skip them now

May 30
  Disk initialize: add option to zpool labelclear
  Iperf3 server: add option to setup/update iperf3

May 01
  Job > Create replication job, syntax error

Apr 30
  Solaris 11.4, aclinherit property value of passthrough-mode-preserve
  OmniOS/OI: Pool create: option to disable all features for compatibility with former OS releases, default aclmode/aclinherit=passthrough

Apr 28
  vdev removal supported on OI Hipster 2018.04 and OmniOS (without raid-Z support)

Apr 23
  Replication extension: add remote zfs send option for raw send
  Replication extension: add pv_limit send option to limit bandwidth of a remote zfs send via pv ex via pv -L 300k

Apr 18
  Solaris 11.4b2, vdev remove (all vdev types, requires ZFS Pools v.44)
  Solaris 11.4, support for mpt_sas driver (LSI sas2) and lsc (LSI sas3)
  Solaris 11.4 Disk Location and Diskmap
  Solaris and OmniOS/OI: improved Disk Location and Disk Map, support for multiple HBA, Disk detection via ses and dd
This is not compatible with former maps, you must recreate maps

Apr 11
  Support for vdev removal (new ZFS feature) in menu Pools > Shrink Pool (OmniOS 151025+)
  Support for poolwide checkpoints (new ZFS feature) in menu Snaps > Checkpoint (OmniOS 151025+) and Pool > Import

Apr 09
  Disk Detection: adds ATTO HBAs (ATTO, a media specialist now supports Illumos)
  Disk Map: correct detection of HBA even if disks on different LSI mptsas HBAs shows the same c-number ex c0t500..

  Disk Map: add dd disk detection
  Disk Location: dd detection for all disks

  these improvements on Solaris: soon

Apr 02
  Support for OmniOS ce 151025+

Mar 22
  Secure id in auto page refresh

Mar 19
  Push alert shows only poolname, state and errors

Mar 10
 Fix a start problem of Service > Bonjour

Mar 09
  NFS sharing on Solaris. On first sharing name is set wrongly and permission set problems  s (Thanks Martin)

Mar 08
   ZFS Encryption (currently only Solaris 11) respects key inheritance with nested encrypted filesystems (Thanks Martin)
Service > Iperf includes iperf3 server
   System > Eth > Iperf client use iperf3

napp-it 18.03 (Pro)

Apr 02
  Support for OmniOS ce 151025+

Mar 10
 Fix a start problem of Service > Bonjour

Mar 02
  wget installer creates a user guest (SMB guest access)
  Menu Pool shows correct available capacity (used+free-fres)

Feb 28
  Problem with local recursive replication fixed

Feb 27
  modified zilstat.ksh to work with newer OmniOS 151024 (not working on Solaris 11.4),

Feb 22
  Bonjour: advertise SMB (Pro)
  Create replication Job, timetable missing

Feb 21
  napp-it Pro menu User > Restore settings: submit missing, restore SMB pw, delete idmappings

Feb 15
  Auto-Lock allows multiple lock/unlock events per day
  Menu pools, edit atime
  Menu Problem with System > Setting

Feb 14
  Auto-Lock, a Pro feature for auto-lock/unlock encrypted filesystems based on rules and timetables

Feb 09
  User-Lock, a Pro feature for-lock/unlock via SMB share
  ESXi snaps: Option to delete only those ESXi snaps created by napp-it 

Feb 06
  User-Lock, a Pro feature to lock/unlock encrypted filesystems without access to Storage-Management
  via watched folders on an SMB share with ACL restriction (Pro feature)

Feb 02
  Solaris 11.4 beta supported (not fully tested or adopted)

Jan 22
  Autosnap fix: delzero not working

Jan 11
  Disk replace: do not offer rpool boot mirror slices like c2t1d0s0 for a replace
  Disk Map: green led for disks that are not a pool member and yellow for disks with slices/partitions
  Allow remove of rpool mirror with an id like c2t1d0so, add bootmirror via Disks > Bootmirror

Jan 10
  Appliance Group Overview shows OS and subrelease of members
  Realtime monitor accepts disk id like c3d1

Jan 03
  Add/remove disks from an n-way mirror or slog vdev

napp-it 18.01d (free)

  Menü Service > SSH with defaults for Open-SSH in OmniOS 151028
  (SSH may not work on 151o28 after an update from earlier versions with Sun SSH)

18.01e, Nov 11
  OmniOS 151028 supported (permission problem fixed, update napp-it prior an OmniOS update)

Problem with bloody
  OmniOS 151027+, newest beta, error sudo: PAM account manager error: Permission denied

Try at consoole:
userdel napp-it
useradd -s /bin/false napp-it
passwd napp-it
rm /tmp/err.log
/etc/init.d/napp-it restart

  OmniOS 151027+ supported

  remove logging of  sudo commands at console for a Linux setup in /etc/sudooers

  AiO on ESXi 6.7, smartmontools crashes when processing ESXi vdisks,we skip them now

Apr 02
  Support for OmniOS ce 151025+

Mar 04
  evaluate problem of ACL extension in 18.01 free

Feb 22
  Bonjour: advertise SMB (Pro)
  Create replication Job, timetable missing

Feb 21
   napp-it Pro menu User > Restore settings: submit missing, restore SMB pw, delete idmappings

Jan 22 
  Solaris 11.4 beta supported (not fully tested or adopted)

Jan 03
  License message about machine id

Dec 28
  Replication: keep hour respects localisation with month ex [Dec, Dez, dec]

napp-it 17.12/18.01

Dez 26
  machine id detection error
  Linux: fix a problem when running on Proxmox

Dez 20/21
 Replication Extension: keep/hold problem

Dez 11
  ACL extension, license error

Dez 08
  machine id as license reference
  backup-job: includes Comstar settings
  new benchmark set in Pool > benchmark
  usernames allow @ 

Nov 16
  snap-jobs: option to disable recursive snaps
  pool report status adds procuct, sn and iostat errors
  pool report error alerts on harderrors >= 100

  nicstat update to v 1.95
  napp-it Pro: new feature Jobs > Reports (Alertd and stats for Pool, Cap, Jobs, License Reminder, Smartcheck)
  Reports can be extended by private reports

Nov. 6
  Menu Disks > Disk Location > patch sas3ircu (current P15 sas3ircu)

Okt. 16
  Simple Sync/async/ sequ benchmark in menu Pools > Benchmark

Sep 27
  Appliance map with new color blueline and the option to create private maps

Sep 02
  LX zones, refresh zone list

Aug 19
  Appliance Tuning: final custom cli commands and scripts in tuning sets

Aug 14
  Appliance-Tuning: Save tuning sets
  Disk - Map: supports colors/brands ex SM 90 Bay Petabyte Jbod (3v bordeaux, 6 x 15) or HGST 60 Bay  (3v silver, 5 x 12)

Aug 02
  Snaps - mass delete, fix a problem with min/maxage of snap

July 21
 menu Extensuions: shorttermlog/ longtermlog bug fixed

July 10
 problem with redirection to /dev/null fixed

 Z-Raid beta with 2 servers. only for testings

napp-it 07.08.2020