End-User are allowed to download napp-it only from without a mandatory registration and use for free without a time or capacity limit even commercially with enterprise grade features. The free edition is only updated from time to time and is related to the last OmniOS LTS version and intended for Home or SoHo use. For production or commercial usage with newer releases, you should use Pro editions. A 30 day evaluation of the Pro Complete features is included on first install (without update option). All sources are open and commented. You can edit or extend napp-it with own menus. Redistribution or use of Pro features after evaluation is not allowed, download..

If you want to configure napp-it on customers demand or bundle, customize or sell napp-it, you need a Pro-bundling license for every appliance that includes a single extension for a minimum of one year. The Pro editions include a improved GUI performance and access to bugfixes for one year.  We support you regarding suggested hardware or on technical questions .

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Pro-Extension adds funktions like ACL management, monitoring or replication. You can order it on a annual base or without time limit. Included is a better GUI performance and access to nightly editions and bugfixes.

up from 100 Euro per appliance (annual subscription).
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Pro-Complete includes all extensions and comes with a basic 3 month email-support to answer setup questions around your ZFS server.

up from 300 Euro per appliance  (annual subscription)
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These prices do not include VAT and are for commercial end user only.
Privat and Edu users can request a special offer that contains the VAT for EU users.

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