• Napp-In-One- This is a universal method with a very short time to regain any server service on problems.
    This solution is based on the type-1 hypervisor ESXi. This is not a full size OS, more a bios extension that is installed or reinstalled within minutes as it offers only options to create, edit or import VMs. The performance of ESXi is unique for any sort of guest like BSD, Linux, OSX, Solaris or Windows. You add VMs for any services. Napp-in-One is the base VM.  Napp-in-One offers shared ZFS storage and  nothing else as it runs on unsecure VMFS storage. Napp-in-One as an ova template is installed or reinstalled ready to use within 5 minutes. All other server or serveices are VMs on ZFS (via NFS from napp-in-one).. This gives you ZFS security, versioning, cache, and online replikation. You can import VMs in current state or a previous version locally or on any other ESXi server. The lokal ESXi profits from fast local storage in software over the local vswitch without a dependence of fast or any network cabling or switches..

  • Barebone setup on hardware -
    boot either from USB Sticks or SSD  (napp-it To Go USB/ Sata) or from Sata bootdisks, optional as boot-mirror
    Prefer Sata SSDs.

    optional use one or two Sata DOM

    For an imprtant server, use enterprise class SSDs as bootdisk ex a small Intel S3500
    If you use other services beside storage, you should care about backup and restore on problems.

    For internal mountings of SSDs, use brackets, see

See also: ZFS Configurations

ZFS Storage Server Appliances "napp-it to go USB" with ZFS-mirrorred Bootsticks


"napp-it to Go" - High Capacity affordable bezahlbarer max 200 TB Server  (Chenbro RM 91250  max 50 x 4 TB Sata, 
USB Bootstick-Mirror, SuperMicro Mainboard X9SRL, max 256GB RAM, 6 x IBM 1015 SAS Controller without Expanders, 10GbE

SoHo HP MicroServer (napp-it to Go USB)


"napp-it to Go" HP Microserver N40 (Lowcost Storage Server with 4 diskslots for a backup or SoHo media/NAS system)

Napp-it comes in two editions
The napp-it free edition
can be installed and used by end-users without costs -  even commercially

Napp-it PRO edition
offers extensions, faster menus, extra functions and more frequent updates and bug fixes.
If you want to distribute or customize napp-it for client installations, you need a PRO (bundling) licence per server.

NEW: "Napp-it to go", a preconfigured ready to use ZFS Storage Distribution on USB Sticks for my Top-4 Hardwareconfigurations
No installation or Unix skills needed for setup. Suitable for home, edu and enterprise usage.

If you install napp-it for the first time, a 30 day PRO Evaluation period with some extensions and enhancements is included.
After 30 days, functionality is reduced to the FREE version without extensions. Some features require a Pro software release.

You can install napp-it on hardware or you can use All-In-One. This is a ESXi VM Server (free edition possible) with a virtualized napp-it Storage VM beside other guests like Windows. You need ESXi capable hardware with hardware virtualisation vt-d. (HP Microserver does not support hardware virtualisation)

napp-it 20.12.2018