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Napp-it v18 Free includes all main features of a NAS/SAN and is suited  for Edu, SoHo or Lab environments. You can use it without a capacity limit or restrictions of OS functionality even commercially. For Napp-it up from v19 commercial/ edu users require a Pro license, more..

Napp-it Pro Bindling is required if you want to bundle napp-it with hardware or if you want to configure or customize napp-it on customers demand, more.


Napp-it pro-Extension adds funktions like ACL management, monitoring or replication as an annual subscription or unlimited.  Included is a better GUI performance and access to bugfixes, more.


Napp-it Pro-Complete includes all Pro functions for professional  use with a basic 3 month email-support to answer setup questions around your ZFS server, more.

Our offers do not include VAT and are for commercial end user.
Home and Edu users can request  a special offer that contains the VAT for EU users.
See also: Pricelist and  Featuresheet.pdf


If you order a perpetual Complete license, we can offer alternatively a host independent 12 months key that you can use on any server within your local organisation (unlimited capacity, unlimited number of servers).  This is a site/ campus license for napp-it complete/ one year. With several subsidiaries this is limited to one location/town.

Edu Offer for universities and public schools:
On the very first order of a napp complete edition we will send you an additional onetime host independent 12 months key of napp-it complete  =  a campus license for one year.

napp-it 03.11.2019