• sofort einsetzbarer und komfortabler ZFS Storage-Server für iSCSI/FC, NFS und SMB
  • Active Directory Support mit Snaps als Vorherige Version
  • mit einer komfortablen Web-GUI
  • alle Funktionen für ein fortschrittliches NAS oder SAN
  • kommerzielle Nutzung erlaubt
  • kein Speicherlimit
  • freier Download für End-User

Community add-ons wie z.B.AFP, AMP, Baikal, Proftp, Mediatomb, Owncloud, PHPVirtualbox, Pydio oder Serviio.

  • schnellere GUI durch Background Dienste
  • Support/ Updates auf neueste Versionen oder Fehlerbehebungen
  • Extensions wie komfortables ACL Management, Disk und Echtzeitmonitoring oder Remote Replikation
  • Appliance Diskmap, Security und Tuning (Pro complete)
  • Redistribution/Bundling/ Installation im Kundenauftrag optional
Fordern Sie ein Angebot an.
Details: Featuresheet.pdf

OpenIndiana Hipster (2017.10)

This is the de facto reference distribution of Illumos, the free Solaris fork development

Installation media:  or
Setup manual:

older OI 151a releases (based on OpenSolaris, no longer supported)


Due to some changes and bugfixes with current OpenSSL, you may need to add some links or
mini_http (the webserver for napp-it) wont,t run (run the following at console/Putty)

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

These changes are included in the wget installer Aug 06, 2015 and up

install OpenIndiana, login as admin, open a terminal, enter su (to get root permissions) and enter:
wget -O - | perl

this installs and configures your napp-it NAS/SAN-appliance with all needed tools and settings

Realtime monitoring from 0.9f1+:
not working on OI 151.a8/9 (needs newer Perl up from 10.0.1)

about Hipster
Hipster is currently not supported by napp-it
Realtime monitoring may run in newest Hipster: 
but this may introduce problems with the Perl module (io::tty Perl errors)

to fix this, you can try:
- logout, login to napp-it. Napp-it includes two precompiled io::tty binaries (for OmniOS) and evaluates the working one

if none of them work with your Hipster release
- delete the included io.tty in /var/web-gui/data/napp-it/CGI/auto/IO/ and /var/web-gui/data/napp-it/CGI/IO/
- Install and CGI::Carp  from Cpan

other option
After installation, you will find the compiled io::tty binaries under /root or in the Perl directory.
You can replace the files in /var/web-gui/data/napp-it/CGI/auto/IO/ and /var/web-gui/data/napp-it/CGI/IO/
with the proper ones. This would allow to setup Expect on Hipster by a simple file copy

or deactivate in line
/var/web-gui/data/napp-it/zfsos/_lib/illumos/ line 2758 (see error messages).
User settings or join a domain will not work.

Add Software

Follow the discussions around OpenIndiana

old OpenIndiana 151a9 (do not use on new setups)

napp-it 20.12.2018